Literary Manhattan

Where a love of literature and New York City converge, a digital makeover was due.

Digital Infrastructure

We began by addressing a number of security concerns by commiting to a security policy that secures every point of access and hardens WordPress.

  • Strengthened passwords
  • Removed all non-essential user accounts and server files
  • Updated WordPress core and plugins
  • Scheduled regular database and media backups
  • Updated chmod permissions, database salt, and more
Brand Identity

We championed a crisp color palette that recalls the famed oxidized copper of New York City's Statue of Liberty.

  • Your logo should be simple, distinct, and appropriate
  • Michael Bierut explains what makes a truly great logo
  • We proposed an abstract open book, denoting literature, between two towers that form an "M" for Manhattan
  • Our proposal is best described as "Literature at the Heart of Manhattan's History"
Web Design

We obsessed over literary elements and a solid reading user experience.

  • Mobile accessibility and a responsive design meets the evolving ways we access information
  • Mapbox clustering ensures you're not bombarded with options while dynamic filtering shows you just what you're looking for
  • Original works of literature display within a touchscreen compatible e-book reader
  • Author pages, for anyone who publishes at Literary Manhattan, and Authors pages, for New York City's historical icons, uniquely compliment their work
  • Solid information architecture means everything's related and easily discoverable
  • Bookshelves representing archives, mobile menu animations, etc.

Social Media

Whether someone visits your website or social media platforms, there should be a consistent, unified experience throughout their online relationship with you.

  • Updated social media profile branding

This redesign has revitalized and improved our entire organization.

— Aaron Siewert, Vice President and Senior Editor, Literary Manhattan